What is Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the most widely used advertising system for making money from website traffic.  Founded in 2003, this system provides a good opportunity for site owners to make money from traffic.  If you have a website and want to make money from your site's traffic, you can find a few useful information in this article.


How does AdSense Work?


When visitors click on ads on your website, you earn money per click.  But, first of all, you need to create an AdSense account.  After you create an AdSense account, you will add a small amount of code to your site pages.


How Much does Google AdSense Pay Per Click?


Google AdSense charges advertisers per ad click and publishers get roughly 68% of the click amount. The cost per click is between $0.20 and 15. But most of clicks, bring less than $1 to publishers.  Therefore, to increase your earnings, you must increase your site's traffic. There's something else you should know.  About 1-2% of visitors click on ads. With this, we can see again how important the number of visitors is.


How Much can I Earn Per Month with Google AdSense?


Your earnings depend on the amount of targeted traffic to your website. When your website traffic increases, your monthly earnings will also increase. The main way to do this, is to create the original content.  When you produce articles, your monthly earnings will always increase compared to the previous one.


You can make good money with Google AdSense.  It's not that hard.  You just need to spend some time.