What is Coding

What Exactly is Coding?
What is Done With Coding?
Role in Our Daily Lives.
Web Development.
Who are Web Developers?


What is Coding?  Maybe everything we use in our daily lives. Mobile phones and computers, web sites we visit, mp3 players, applications, operating systems and more. There is something that combines all this and more. That is, they are all made with code. The importance of codes in our lives is of course not limited to these. There is a lot to be counted or waiting to be discovered.

People who make code are called coders, developers or programmers. The web sites and applications we use, the video games we play, are prepared by software developers. Computers don’t know how to do anything. It is the job of the programmer to give them instructions. Well, how do they do that? In fact, how we communicate with people who speak other languages ​​is what they do. When we want something from computers, we need to say it in the language they understand. And the languages ​​we are looking for are codes. In brief, programmers and computers can understand each other well.

How do Computers Understand Codes?

Programming Languages.

Nowadays, almost all people know something about computers. “All computer languages have their origins in zeros and ones”. We have heard this sentence at least once in our lives. All coding languages ​​are based on this. There are many programming languages ​​available to software developers. PHP, C# .NET, C++, C, JAVA, Python, Perl, Kotlin, Swift. And there are thousands more.

Famous Developers.

There are many kinds of people in the world. Hardworking, creative, intelligent, visionary and more. But developers need to have all these features. Because if you do this, your ability to write code may not always help.

Bill Gates

Of course! Bill Gates is a developer. Bill Gates is co-founder of Microsoft, which is the largest software company in the world. Together, Bill Gates and Paul Allen revolutionized the world of software and computing.

Mark Zuckerberg

While Facebook is a topic that usually sparks some debate, there’s no doubt that Mark Zuckerberg changed the world forever when he invented the world’s first hyperconnected social network.


Hopefully, this article will help you learn about coding and software developers. And if you want to be a programmer, you should work hard for it. However, you should know that the results will be very good and will change your life in a good way. There are lots of free or free resources available on the internet to learn programming. You can reach them very easily and improve yourself in this direction. And thanks for reading the article.