Welcome to New Era of Music Streaming - SPOTIFY

Music industry changed a lot in these years. From phonograph vinyl discs to CD`s it has lots of record holder. In this era, we do not need those records anymore. We just stream on the internet! It is more convenient, fast and definitely cheap, even free!
Spotify is one of these online streamers of modern music. It is not a new app, but still keeps its place in this industry. 

When it all began?

Surprisingly, Spotify is a Swedish origin. It is founded 2006, as freemium service. Launched after whole two years – in 2018. Co-founders are Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon. At first, in order to control user grow free membership was only available with invitation, while premium subscriptions were unlimited. 

A name that known by billions – just a misheard?!

Funny enough, “Spotify” name was just a misheard. Daniel Ek admitted that he just misheard name that Martin Lorentzon shouted. Of course, they have found interesting etymology for this name afterward – combination of “spot” and “identify”, but truth remains the same.

Growing fast.

Just nine year ago, in 2011 app has one million of paid subscription users. It might be not big now, but for a new and unknown app, it was a huge success. Just a year later, it hit 15 million active users and four million premium members! Even now, Spotify has 133 million paid subscriptions users and over 286 users total. Although, due to Covid-19 pandemic paid users withdraw in effected countries, but it is seems to recovering lately.  

Contravention around Spotify.

Although you can find any music, any song on the internet for free, lots of artist accusing Spotify for cutting their share and being the reason of dropping album sales. Spotify gives approximately 70% of its revenue to right-holders. And right-holders pay artists based on their own agreements. Yet, it is still allows user so listen free music and most of its user never became a paid user. This problem is very common among digital music streamers, yet as the most well-know of them all, Spotify gets most of the backlash. 

Interesting and useful sides of Spotify.

There might be many streamer apps, but Spotify has many features that it is hard to find. First, it has perfect algorithm. It is almost feel like in your head. “Time Capsule” is an interesting playlist that based on your childhood or teenagers days music. The best and the scary part is, the algorithm find those track quite accurate. Daily Mix playlists can be divide by genres. That’s  why you can choose your playlist according to your mood. And there are other features that you should try now!