Video Sharing Sites Like YouTube - YouTube Alternatives

Where can I watch millions of videos of all types and languages? I seem to hear you say involuntarily YouTube. Of course, it is. We all visit this site at least once a day. Tutorial videos, music videos, how-to videos, funny videos and so on. We don't even pay for it. But is it only YouTube that offers us these services? Of course, this is not so. There are dozens of websites like YouTube on the Internet. Some might be more useful than YouTube at some point. Without further ado, let's talk about them.


Youtube may be the best alterna…….   Okay, okay, I was joking.  Let's start...



The main privilege of Vimeo is that there are no disturbing elements in the background that disturb you from watching videos on this site. This means you can't focus on anything other than the video you're watching. I think that's a very nice detail. Especially if you’re a content creator because there is a 500MB weekly upload limit. Video limit can be upgraded, but that is only capped at 5GB and will require a monthly fee.


Obviously the best YouTube alternative.  Unfortunately, HD quality uploads are limited to pro users and there is a 4GB video limit, meaning that video uploads of around 60 minutes will be acceptable.  But we can still call it the best alternative for YouTube. If you visit the site, you absolutely deserve me.


If you're uploading a video here, you'll need to know that videos have a 90-second limit. In my opinion, this detail makes Metacafe different. However, of course, looking at the total number of videos, it is not much better than its competitors. Regardless, if you are looking for a different experience, you should definitely visit.


It has become quite popular lately. If watching live game videos is a pleasure for you, this site is perhaps the best. When it first appeared, it had a different concept. However, thanks to the users, we can say that the concept has changed to a different stage.

9Gag TV

The moment you visit the site, you will be surprised by the fun content. If you spend a lot of time on Twitter and Facebook, you have already come across this brand. This site is also a site with plenty of entertainment content. Already, have fun!


It is not a video platform, but it is a site that allows you to upload videos. Flickr will allow you to make a free account but this particular account is limited to uploading videos with a time limit of just 90 seconds. A site with a simple user interface is already. I believe it will be a platform you will love.


That's one of the good things Instagram offers us. The videos here have been created especially for watching on smartphones.  For content creators, IGTV is really great, and you can show your content to a larger audience since you do not have to punch in a URL, search the video you want to watch, and then watch it.

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