How to Sell your Music

Why not share your music with a large audience and make money?!  You can do this in many ways and easily. 


If we go back a few years, we're going to see that this is harder than it is now.  Thanks to the advantages of the Internet, you can sell your music on many digital platforms like other famous artists do.  Maybe one day you could be as famous as them.  Why not?!  Just Do It!  Nothing is Impossible!  OK, it was like a little motivational talk.

First of all, let me talk to you about BandCamp, which is very popular in the United States.



This is an American online music company.  Uploading music to Bandcamp is free.  The company takes a 15% cut of sales.   An artist's sales fall to 10% after rising above $ 5,000.  But it's not that important, than increasing your audience. 




You can also sell your music on iTunes, Deezer, Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Google Play, Amazon Music and other digital platforms.  But you can't do it without intermediary companies.  Let's talk about them a little.


CD Baby and TuneCore.



These websites sell your music on platforms such as iTunes and Spotify for a fee.  And your music uploads will appear in stores worldwide.  These services have partnerships with YouTube. And you can also make certain profits from Youtube videos. CD Baby charge a one-time $49 setup fee per album and $9.99 per single song.  But these numbers sometimes change. 


TuneCore Pricing:




This is an independent digital music distribution service.  Unlike the previous ones, Distrokid receives an annual fee.  You can upload unlimited songs and albums, for $ 19.99 a year.  And Distrokid doesn't keep anything of your sales.




SongCast is an American digital music distribution service.  It was founded in 2006.


Hopefully it benefits your business.  wink