How to Sell Your Blog or Website

If you want to sell your website, then either this business is not so exciting anymore, or you want to do something new.  However, you should pay attention to some things before doing this. In this article I would like to share some information about what to do.

Whatever be the reason, you'll always find someone on the web who is ready to purchase your blog.

Here are some of the most popular marketplaces for selling websites:


Sedo Auctions - You can list your website for sale on Sedo for free but they'll charge a commission fee of 10% when you find a buyer for your blog or website.


eBay Website Auctions - eBay has a enormous user base so your site listing will be exposed to a much wider audience. eBay auctions are generally indexed by the search engines so if your listing has detailed descriptions, expect buyers via search engines as well. The downside, you may have to deal with fake or spam bidders and ebay charges a commission from the sale.


SitePoint Auctions - This is probably the most popular place for buying or selling established websites (that have content). The buyers are interested in sites with a decent Google PageRank, backlinks and even a revenue stream. You will have shell out a small fee to list your website on SitePoint but the bids are serious most of the times.


Other sites where you can consider selling your blogs are and Digital Point.


Final thoughts: Do you really want to go for a public auction ? Incase the sale doesn't go through as expected, your existing subscribers / readers may not read your content with the same enthusiasm as before since they know that you are no longer interested in writing that blog.


If that's your concern as well, consider talking privately to website operators who belong to your niche. Or you may even contact the various blog networks out there. They might be interested in taking over your blog if you an established audience.