How the Selfie Stick was Invented

Selfie sticks suddenly entered our lives and made us love taking pictures again. Maybe, even the inventor didn't know it would be used so widely. Now there are thousands of kinds of selfie sticks and they are used all over the world. So, who is this inventor? How did this happen to his mind? Did the inventor get a big income with this invention?  Let's see!

It's hard to tell a clear idea about the inventor of the selfie stick. In fact, some information about devices similar to this device was known to people years before its invention. For example, a device which has been likened to the selfie stick appears in the 1969 Czechoslovak sci-fi film I Killed Einstein, Gentlemen. One character holds a silver stick in front of herself and another character, smiles at the end of the stick as it produces a camera flash, and immediately unfurls a printed photograph of the pair from the stick's handle.

There are many contradictory ideas about the inventor. Because this device was invented twice. Once by Japanese Hiroshi Ueda and once by Canadian Wayne Fromm. But now, the patent for the selfie stick belongs to the inventor, Wayne Fromm.

Despite the selfie stick being one of the most popular items among tourists and families, bans and restrictions on its use have been imposed across a range of public venues generally on the grounds of safety and inconvenience to others. The selfie stick is prohibited in some music festivals, museums, arenas and parks.