Five Steps to Take After Moving US

Recently there was announcement of the Green Card lottery winners. If you are one of the lucky ones, you may have few questions now. It might be exciting, but yet, very stressful to move another country. Your any legal questions will be answered by US embassy in your country, or an attorney. Let`s find out the answers of questions that you didn’t know it existed. Here are the five of them:

1. How much money do I need?

Answer would be “a lot”. US is a big country and expenses are varied between states and cities. Before arriving to US, research for remote jobs and have income before hand. It will help you a lot. Also, do not forget to get American bank account and debit cart immediately. Regular money is not very useful in the US.

2. Where to live?

Yes, of course, you can change your residence after a while. But if you want to spent in peace first few months of your US life, then you should chose very peaceful and modest neighborhood. Rental fee might be a little bit high on these neighborhoods, but you will appreciate it.

3. What to eat?

It might sound little bit easy question. You are in the kingdom of Fast Foods; of course, you will find something to eat! However, when it is about healthy and cheap options, US might not to be the best. That is why you should know your local farm markets and where to find cheap and fresh products. Once you are into it, it will amaze you how much there are options.

4. How to find friends?

The most common mistake is find your friends among your former fellow citizens. Best way to adaptation to this new country and culture is the find American friends first. After gaining some friends and have a whole friends group, you can reunited with migrants from your country.
Best places to make friends, believe or not, is social media nowadays. So you can find your friends before coming to America. 

5. How to get over homesickness?

There is no cure. It might sound little bit harsh, but there is definitely no cure for homesickness, yet, it should not be a barrier between you and your dreams. You always can visit your home country, talk or facetime with friends for hours and they can visit you on holidays. It is the new chapter your life and you should cherish it.