Best Google AdSense Alternatives

We know that Google AdSense is the most common program to monetize websites. But not everyone gets approved. Therefore, some of us have to resort to alternative ways. Sometimes, these alternative advertising programs can give good results even from Google AdSense. But, this changes according to your website. I mean, if you don't get a positive answer from Google AdSense, don't worry. I mean, you can handle it professionally. OK !  Let's take a look at the Google AdSense Alternatives.

Minimum Payout:  $100

Ad Type:  Text ads and Display ad

Payout Method:  PayPal and WireTransfer

Websites are using:  WebMD, NY Times, Forbes, USA Today, Good HouseKeeping, Cosmopolitian, Martha Stewart etc.

Founder:  Divyank Turakhia



Minimum Payout:  $50 for PayPal Payments ,$100 for Payoneer, $500 for Wire Transfers

Ad Type:  Various

Payout Method:  Webmoney, Wire, EPESE, Payoneer

Websites are Using:  Mangareader, SwatchSeries, Cima4u.TV

Founded:  2011


Amazon Advertising

Ad Type: Display Ad

Payout Method: Payoneer, Wire Transfer, Amazon Gift Cards




Minimum Payout:  $10

Ad Type:  Text Ads

Payout Method:  Paypal

Websites are Using:  VitalMTB, JalopyJournal, Islands etc.

Founder:  Oliver Roup

Founded:  2009



Minimum Payout:  $10

Ad Type:  Text Ads

Payout Method:  Paypal

Websites are Using:  MyrtlebeachOnline, ABT, Maxim, AeroPostale, Austin360, MagicValley etc.

Founder:  Alicia Navarro, Joe Stepniewski

Founded:  2007



Minimum Payout:  $10

Ad Type:  Banner Ads, Text Ads

Payout Method:  Payonee, Paypal

Websites are Using:  Afromotion, MaruTV etc.

Founder:  Venkat Kolluri and Alden DoRosario

Founded:  2003



Minimum Payout:  $50

Payout Method:  Paypal

Websites are Using:  Dc Gazette, DealDash, DailyPress etc.

Founder:  Omar Nicola

Founded:  2013