How to Find a Song Name Without Lyrics

In fact, it's an event we've always had. We like the song we hear anywhere, but we can't find it on the internet. Of course, this is possible. We just need to find the right place for that. Today's technology makes this possible for us. Many mobile applications and websites are available for this purpose. Even if you don't remember the lyrics of the song and the artist's name. We know that search engines like Google or Bing won’t be of much help unless you know a couple of words from the song lyrics or have some clue about the name of the artist or the band.

Let's take a look at a few ways to help us do this.

How to Find a Song Name Using Mobile Apps
How to Find a Song Name Using Your Own Voice


Soundhound can identify songs that you hum if you don’t have a recording of the song. This makes it different from other applications. After downloading the application, ask by saying "What song is playing?" SoundHound will help you find the song by singing. At the same time, SoundHound will give you some information about the song and the artist.


Shazam is compatible with Android devices, Window Phones, and iPhones. You can easily download Shazam from App Store and Play Market. After downloading the application, hold the phone to the speaker. After a few seconds of pressing the Shazam button, the application will define the song. The free version of Shazam will help you identify up to 5 different track per month. Shazam works only with pre-recorded music and not with live performances.

Siri and Google Assistant

You can also use Siri or Google Assistant to find the name of the song. Once the App pops up, say “What song is this?” and hold your phone up to the song that’s playing. It's that easy.

Use Websites to Find Your Song

You can find the name of any song with the help of some websites, not just mobile applications. We can also talk about some websites like this.


Visit midomi and click the microphone on the front of their page,then hum into your microphone to find it. Here's how it's so easy to find the name of the song with Midomi.


You can take the help of human being who may have an idea about any song using this website. In my opinion, even if it is not as easy as the others, it is more fun. Because sometimes you may not find the song you are looking for, but you can learn about new similar songs from new people.