7 Mind Blowing Facts About Canada

Canada is dream country for many people. This quite, sweet as maple syrup country is famous for many things like hockey or… Erm, hockey? But not with Canadian dollar, unfortunately. Here are the seven interesting facts about Canada.


TV watching

1.    Canada has 99% literacy rate, but average TV watching time is 21 hours per week. Quite high for this country.


Ice Hockey Canada

2.    Despite being famous with Ice Hockey, it is the second most practiced sport in the country. First place belongs to golf.


Santa Canada

3.    Do you want to write a letter to Santa Claus? Take the address: Hoh Oho, North Pole, Canada.


Polar Bears in Canada

4.    Of you have ever been in Nunavut, you would see polar bear shaped license plates.  This city in the Northwest side of Canada and of course, famous with polar bears.


us canada friendship

5.    Canada definitely has good and deep bond with US. That's why, almost 9/10 of population live in US-Canada border region. No surprise, Canada has more tourist from US, than other countries.


Nunavut, Canada

6.    Nunavut, Alert is the world's most "temporary home", because only military and scientists inhabited there for a short period of time. Because in the warmest months temperature 3.4C and in the coldest months - 32.19C. The name of "Alert" should've give a hint, huh?


Uranium Canada

7.    It seems impossible woth such a lovely country, but Canada produces most of uranium. And in fact, has recoverable source of oil.