5 Steps for Applying Abroad Scholarships

Studying abroad might be a huge step and accomplishment – it can change your future carrier path forever. However, you need to prepare yourself for this not only academically, even mentally. Here are the few steps before applying an abroad scholarship program. 

1. Make a decision.

Aim what you want and how you want. There are various international scholarship programs. Carefully choose which scholarship in which country you want to get. Do your research.

2. Save the date.

Many scholarships are only open for a short period of time – If you miss it, you can forget about it! Make notes about every scholarship you want to get. Set an alarm on your calendar for application day and if it is not online, mail application, then you should consider when your letter would arrive there.

3. Don’t be afraid.

Being at new and unknown country can be quite frightening. If you have some knowledge about this country beforehand, or just meet some locals online – that will be great help! No worries, just believe yourself and everything gonna be ok.

4. Contact with University.

Do not think as if your job done when you click the “apply” button. Contact with the university, ask questions, learn about scholarship conditions and terms – it would not be nice if you have some problems in foreigner country just because “you didn’t know”.

5. Have a backup plan.

If you are believing yourself and really want to achieve that scholarship, then the first “not accepted” should not bother you. There is a “next year”. You can spend this year working in that country for better understanding their culture and make some money for supporting yourself when you study.